I Want to Start a Mobile Car Wash Company

I Want to Start a Mobile Car Wash Company

So you want a start a mobile car wash company do you? I can’t say I blame you after being in the business for over 27 years and there are a few recommendations I have if you truly wish to start a mobile car wash company. For instance when you hire new crews to work with you make sure that they are clean cut and athletic because it is very hard work and you don’t want them slowing down after only working a couple hours at 10:00 am in the morning.

The most successful mobile car was companies are those that also clean fleets of vehicles on the weekends such as company vans for heating or electrical companies or post office jeeps under contract. The best place to get cash customers is at their work and you can wash their cars right in the parking lot. The great thing about a mobile car wash company is you usually have to only make the sale one time and if you do a good job, well then they want you to come back each and every week and clean their car again and some of the customers will sign up on a monthly service or pay you cash on the spot.

This makes for a very good business, but it is extremely hard work and it would not be for someone who is very lazy. I guarantee you that if you start a mobile car wash company you will lose weight and most likely get a tan as well. Perhaps you have seen mobile car wash companies in your area, but I wouldn’t worry about competition because everyone owns car and since you can only clean about 50 to 60 cars per day imagine how many more cars there are clean but you’ll never get to? Consider this in 2006.

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