Ion-Frequency de-bonding and Isolation Concept for Truck Wash Robotics


In the truck wash industry there are issues with water shortages throughout the nation and in many regions wells have run dry and in some other regions they are on level 3 droughts. Generally in level 3 droughts they shut down the car washes and that means the truck washes to. This is a little disconcerting to trucking companies who know that dirty trucks will get pulled over at the scales and inspection stations more often.

Trucking companies are also under the gun because they cannot find the labor to wash all their trucks. Needless to say if they could find a labor to wash the trucks they would need that person as a truck driver because there is a severe shortage in the number of truck drivers in the United States right now and it is getting worse. Trucking companies are not the only ones with a labor problem in the trucking industry; the truck washes also have a severe problem with labor. Even in areas where there is labor available many of the young man who would normally work at the truck wash have a drug problem with crystal meth.

Robotic truck washing systems do not seem to be able to clean the vehicle properly and only do about 90% of the job even though they cost about $200,000 for a modern robotic tunnel roll-over for truck wash system. It therefore makes sense that more research and development be done on Ion-Frequency de-bonding and Isolation, perhaps through the use of sound waves. If the dirt no longer attaches to the truck and falls to the ground and air blowers could be used to blow off the dust along with a quick de-ionized water rinse. This would be a good concept for Truck Wash Robotics. Please consider this in 2006.

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