Top Locations to Rent a Mercedes Benz in Thailand

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Are you looking to hire a car in Thailand? Are the car features you are looking for presented in the range of Mercedes Benz? Well, read on to find out where you can rent this type of car in Thailand. A Mercedes Benz is an expression of luxury and class in every detail. Both the interior and exterior of Mercedes Benz cars are excellently designed. This makes it the best option both for leisure activities and business. With its powerful and efficient engine, you are definitely going to enjoy driving a rented Mercedes Benz in Thailand.

Here are the top locations to rent a Mercedes Benz in Thailand:

1. City Centre -Bangkok

Here you can find a wide range of Mercedes Benz cars to rent. You can even search buy using a local term like เช่ารถเบนซ์ on internet and follow by กรุงเทพ, which is “Bangkok” in Thai. There will be plenty of them to choose from.

On average, as we have researched from, it will cost you $100 per day to rent a Mercedes Benz in Bangkok – City Centre. This is not a fixed rate. You can find cheaper or more expensive alternatives. The exact rate will depend on several factors such as car rental company, location, season, and duration. The main factor however is the class of your desired Mercedes Benz. Here, you can find a lower class at about $69 and a higher class such as a premium for $180 per day.

You can pick up the rented Mercedes Benz from any convenient location. You can rent one in the airports around this area. You can also rent one at the city’s downtown locations such as near the railway stations or major sights in the city center. In this location, you can pick up your preferred Mercedes Benz model from companies such as Hertz, Sixt, or Europcar.

2. Phuket Airport- HKT

There are several car rental companies in this part of Thailand. Your experience is definitely going to depend on the kind of provider you opt for. Ensure you choose a company with a great reputation such as Yesaway Car Rental, Thai Car Rental, or Budget Car Rental.

You will find various groups and models of Mercedes Benz rental cars to choose from in this location. There are intermediate, SUVs, convertibles, vans, minivans, luxury, and other groups to choose from. The Mitsubishi Pajero is the cheapest model of Mercedes Benz in this location. It is the most popular rental model here because it is roomy and looks good. It is also affordable, starting from about $62 per day. You will however need to be at least 20 years old to rent a Mercedes Benz in this location,

3. Ratchadaphisek Road- Bangkok, Thailand

You can find a Mercedes Benz car for renting in this location too. You will find different groups of this brand here, including SUV, luxury, minivan, convertible, and passenger van. If you are looking for a mid-size or full-size Mercedes Benz vehicle to rent in order to fit your budget, you can find one here. The average price in this location is $100 per day. There are cheaper options and expensive ones too, mainly depending on the vehicle class you want. You can also check other locations near Ratchadaphisek road in Bangkok to ensure you get the best deal. The most popular model here is the Mercedes E Class usually at a price of about $222 per day.

4. Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK- Bangkok, Thailand

This is another location to get a Mercedes Benz car rental in Thailand. The average price is $100 per day, but different factors will determine the exact amount you pay. You can find a Mercedes Benz car for hire from reputable car rental companies such as Yesaway Car Rental, Sixt Car Rental, or Hertz Car Rental. You will find a variety of groups and models of Mercedes Benz rental cars to choose from. Some models come equipped with working GPS. Every model has an audio system and air-conditioner. You are going to enjoy every bit of your trip. The most hired model of Mercedes Benz here is the BMW X1. People find it beautiful and spacious. You will need to be 20 years old and above to rent a Mercedes Benz in this location.

Bottom Line

You can rent a Mercedes Benz in the above locations in Thailand. Your trip will be more comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable when you rent a luxurious car like a Mercedes Benz. Do your research well and ensure you go for the best available deal. Enjoy your trip!