Top 3 Construction Trends of the Fuure

3D-printed houses, smart barricades, driverless vehicles, prefabricated skyscrapers– once futuristic dreams that you only see in sci-fi movies, but are now turning to reality. Here are the top 3 construction trends of the future.

Energy Efficient Tools

From motion sensors and remote light and programmable thermostats– wherever you look, the IoT technology has been helping not only the workplace but environment as well. In fact, IoT is being used on safety systems to detect and monitor heat and gas, while eco-friendly tools are being created to reduce carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

The Use of Geofencing

Another useful tool that’s being used in the construction industry would be geofencing. This utilizes GPS technology, together with a construction management software, along with a construction management software that would allow you to monitor entry and exit of people, and vehicles within the construction site. Aside from that, you’ll also get information whenever a piece of machinery or equipment has been moved out from the premises.

Both residential and commercial projects can benefit from geofencing, especially when it comes to asset monitor. However, it’s also worth noting that this technology isn’t cheap at all, and maintenance costs require a good number of contractors. Despite that, experts believe that a few years from now, the cost of geofencing would go down.

Large companies have already been using this as it provides optimum security because geofence technology could notify those who are in charge if there is any unauthorized movement of equipment.

Aside from that, it can also help in locating and recovering of stolen equipment. Safety of workers will also be guaranteed, as during working hours, geofence technology functions as a safety feature that shuts down computer when they are not in use, or if they are being used outside the specified area.

As for assets tracking, it has never been more accurate than before because the owners are alerted whenever a vehicle enters or move out of the premises.

Spontaneous Project Management Platforms

Project management platforms are slowly changing the construction industry for the better. It has rapidly eliminated the need to train workers manually, as well as the downtime associated with adopting new technology that workers have to use.

With the help of a software that mimics operating systems workers are already familiar with, this gives them the confidence of using the new tools without any hesitations at all.

One aspect where this can be observed would the in time-tracking and time clock software. Workers are utilizing remove apps, as well as different platforms to monitor and submit time, while the management is using the same tool to approve hours and process payrolls.

Indeed, there’s a lot of technology trends that continue to emerge day by day, and the construction industry is one of the few places where we can notice this development.

The increased use of robotic technology, 3D printing, smart traffic tools, such as intelligent safety cones, barricades, and many more, smart wearables, and the list goes on. All of these makes the construction industry, productive and safe.

What makes this remarkable change something to look forward to is that they are more economical and efficient– for both construction professionals and clients alike.