Car leasing guide: tips and advice to find great deals | BuyaCar

If you wish to buy your dream car, but you are afraid of the circumstances and the maintenance as you don’t have the overall budget to keep a personal car, then you must lease a car in a company to enjoy the traveling experience without worrying about the charges and the maintenance it will cost you. For people, car maintenance is the factor that keeps them away from buying a car of their own. Companies are offering car maintenance services if you lease a car from them from their showrooms. 

The car lease is a procedure for partly buying a car by paying a down payment for it and ending the contract in a few months or years according to your need for the car. Here is a guide to the tips you should consider before leasing a car in a company. 

  • Research on who will be responsible for car maintenance

Some companies do not provide the benefit of maintenance charges owned by them for the car you leased. While other companies cover the basic recovery and maintenance cost for the relief of their customer. Visit the different websites to know about the car leasing companies in the UK before signing in for a car lease. Car insurance can help you recover the costs if the damage is posed to your car.

  • How long will the lease last?

It is an important factor to consider the cost of car leasing to know about the timing and duration of a car lease. By getting adequate knowledge of the car lease duration, you will be able to calculate the overall cost you have to pay for the contract. Research the different websites and their car lease durations to pick up your specific car leasing deal.

  • What happens when you exceed the mileage cost?

In the UK, companies offer cars on lease for specific kilometer travel. For example, you approached a company that offers a total mileage of 4000 km but you exceeded the limit to 5000 km. What will happen if this situation occurs? Read the company policies and the extra mileage costs you will pay in case you exceed the limit. It will also help you in finding the company offering maximum mileage distance at a low cost. 

  • Refund in case of the advance payment

What if you offered a significant amount in advance to the contract and in a few months you lose the car or it is stolen? In most cases, you won’t be refunded and lose a basic amount in the car advance. Make sure to read the contract before signing in the lease to find the refund policies friendly for you.


Leasing a car in the UK has its benefits if you are unable to keep a car for longer periods and you don’t want to spend on the maintenance of the car on a daily basis. Car leasing through a company is a good opportunity to find the best car sources with insurance to secure a huge amount and enjoy the driving experience.