Successful Forex Traders – What’s the Secret to Becoming a Profitable Trader?


The secret is, that there is no secret to be among other successful Forex traders. People will lead you to believe that it is. Most people probably picked up a couple of free e books and watched some videos on how easy it is to make a fortune trading Forex. You probably even opened a demo account or maybe even a real live account only to realize that it not as easy as they said it was. Well your not alone. In fact, when I started trading Forex I did the same thing.

I thought I could do just what all the other successful Forex traders did everyday. Besides I already had over 15 years experience as personal Financial Advisor. I thought I could learn in no time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now, if you, like me got frustrated, lost tons of money but still had a burning desire to learn how to trade profitably and still have the passion to succeed then the secret has been inside you all the time. You just need to channel that desire in the right direction and find out what type of trader you are what type of trader you want to be.

There are many types of successful Forex traders. From talking to a lot of people, I understood that they each had a different way in which they wanted to be involved with trading Forex.

They Fall Into 3 Categories

The first set of people didn’t have a lot of time to trade every day or trade full time because of their other job. Or, they needed more guidance and help from an Automated Trading system where based on a set of rules, the automated system would plot the trade set-ups for them, and signal them when to trade and when to get out of a trade while they watched this all unfold on their screen. These type of traders need some type of trading signal providers or auto trading services.

The second set of traders wanted to learn how to trade Forex while looking over the shoulder of a professional Forex trader in a live environment. To watch every trade setup, to be taught how to read and understand the market and to learn when not to trade. They wanted more guidance and training from a coach or a mentor before they went off on their own. There are many successful Forex traders that still like to trade together with other traders. By the way, this is one of my favorite ways in which to learn. You can’t duplicate a live trading room with real market action. For this group I suggest to seek out and get involved with some of the most reputable Forex live market training rooms in the business.

The third group of traders wanted to learn how to trade in the comfort of their own home with the best educational materials that included videos with real life examples. Examples that contained some of the best trade set ups money management rules, tutorials and one on one help if needed.

I was in your shoes; I was clicking on every link that I came across. Jumping from one guru to the next. I ended up getting so confused and didn’t know where to turn. Does that sound familiar? You see, for some reason, a lot of people think that they could pick up an e-book or look over a few videos and start trading with real money and expect to be like all the other successful Forex traders. If your still reading than you realize that this just isn’t true. You need the proper training and education and mind-set to succeed as a Forex trader over the long run. If you really want to change your situation and succeed the right way without going through all the trial and error, then I encourage you to look over the trading options that best suites your life style

Don’t think for one more second that you’re going be like all the other successful Forex traders without going through all the hard work, discipline and passion it takes to succeed and try to do this on your own. Before you waste another penny on anything else I encourage you to find out more about the different training services that are available.

Only the proper training, guidance and your desire is going to change your life and guide you to develop the skills needed to be among the other successful Forex traders.

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