Scratches Gone Pronto With Presto! Pro


Presto! Pro is a professional-grade scratch remover that is packaged in the shape of a pen. It works by filling the scuffs or scratch embedded inside the surface of a car’s paint.

Interested to know more about the product and how it works? Then read on!

About The Author

The author or creator of Presto! Pro is an automotive hobbyist who wanted to seek perfection with regards to his car’s paint. Like many others, the author experience first-hand the wonders of this small but powerful product.

How It Works

Presto Pro is a scratch remover filled with polymers that are activated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays to superimpose a scratch. Upon wiping and leaving it to harden, the product leaves a mirror-like finish, devoid of any scratches.

A car’s clear coat paint contains millions of polymers and other heat-reacting chemicals that can be repaired by this product. The chemicals inside Presto! Pro, when applied to a scratched surface, “fill” the broken layer of polymers inside the car’s clear coat paint. The sun’s UV or ultraviolet rays are powerful catalyzing agents for hardening the newly repaired surface areas. Wiping the finished area clean will contribute to its long-lasting finish.


Many professional-grade products do their job by using harsh chemicals that might destroy or damage the top coat paint of a car. The good thing about Presto! Pro is that it includes only mild chemicals and agents that have been tested against some of the most delicate of paint surfaces.

Another benefit: Whether your car is brand-new or old, Presto! Pro guarantees an even finish and quick repair time of the scratches – you can even do the repair and scratch removal yourself, since the product is very easy to use. Just one swipe is all it takes, and then wipe it and voila! Your car is now scratch- and scruff-free.

What’s more, with this product, one can be assured of saving hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in professional car repair and detailing. Just one person is needed to apply this product, as compared to probably five in a car detailing shop. Plus, with most professional car shops, repairing the scratches of a car can take days or even weeks. But with Presto! Pro, all you need is a few minutes to repair your car’s dent or scratch.

The product can be also universally used on any paint color, since Presto! Pro has a transparent white color that blends into the surface upon hardening and wiping.

Why Presto! Pro Is A Must-Have

Presto! Pro is a must-have in anyone’s garage or car toolkit. The product will satisfy the needs of the average car owner who wants his or her car to be scratch-free. This is an indispensable tool that anyone with a car should have. The price of this product makes it attractive to anyone who are longing for low-cost dent repairs. This pen-sized innovation will replace many tools to repair a scratched surface. And with the huge cost and time saved, this product is a no-brainer for the average Joe when it comes to repairing a scratch on a car.


Presto! Pro is a wonder product of modern science backed by years of research and testing. It is a petite, lightweight product that can replace most heavy-duty scratch repair tools. Its ease of use makes it a wonderful product for novices and professionals alike. The product’s polymers are mild and are very environmentally friendly. And as mentioned, the product works well with all types of vehicles, regardless of how old it is. It’s a DIY tool so you don’t need to be a car expert to know how to use it.

With Presto! Pro, any car owner can save huge amounts of money on dent or scratch repair services. Presto! Pro is truly a wonderful product, one that every car owner must have. Its small yet powerful ability to repair scratches and dents definitely gives you the most bang for your buck.

So if you are longing for a cost effective yet powerful product to fix that scratch or dent, Presto! Pro is the one for you. And if you are not happy with its performance, or if something goes wrong with it, the product comes with a limited five-year warranty.

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