My Backyard Mechanic is Getting Rich!

My Backyard Mechanic is Getting Rich!

I kid you not… my backyard mechanic (my younger brother) is getting sooo rich from just listening to a little bit of the news. You see he’s a jack of all trades, and very good in all of them. From buying run-down homes and renovating them, to flipping them for a huge profit… to fixing everybody’s broken down cars. I mean who wants to pay a local garage $80 an hour to change brake pads? But this is not what it’s about! This is even easier!

Imagine that you’re pretty handy with your hands in just about everything. As he puts it… if you can screw a lightbulb, patch a whole in the wall, change a tire, put up shelves, then anyone can do this.

He knows a good thing when he sees one, and finds every which way possible to profit like crazy on what the masses are complaining about. He finds the solution, applies it to his own life, and shows everybody how they too can do what I’m about to tell you.

What do you think the biggest mass grievance is in the world today? You guessed it… gas prices. Here’s what he did exactly!

He converted his car to run half on water and half on gas using the technology that is now available, with a simple $20 kit. From there, he had two simple magnetic signs made up for each side of his car, which states “RUNS ON WATER []” and with his phone number. He also created a flyer in “Word”, and went to his local photocopy shop and had 500 copies printed out. That cost him about $10. He had some young local girls and boys drop these off in mailboxes and gave them a few bucks to do it.

Within a week, his phone started ringing and never lets up. He charges $150. a car plus the kit, for work that takes him a couple of hours. On a good day, he manages 4 cars a day. On a bad day, he’ll stop at two or three. Now do the math and tell me this isn’t worth it!

He has now found a young 17 year old to help him keep up with the demand. He figures it’s just what he needed, because it’s so profitable, that it allows him to expand in other things. No wonder my little brother takes more trips to Hawaii than the average lawyer or doctor. Making money fast has always been a given to him. Entrepreneurship is where it’s at!

This is a great way of making money fast to finance other ventures.

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