Harley Davidson Motorcycles For That Adrenalin High

Harley Davidson Motorcycles For That Adrenalin High

I don’t know of a single guy, young or old, who doesn’t have a secret fantasy of riding cross country on a Harley Davidson bike. In fact, according to my kid brother, if you’re not a fan of HD, as he likes to call it, you’re not a man! Yup, it’s the Bible of motorbikes and guys can seldom resist the lure of a Harley Davidson!

Cross Country Travel On A Harley Davidson

Travelling across America on a Harley Davidson is the stuff fantasies are made of. Every guy somehow believes that he will completely get transformed once he’s sitting on a Harley Davidson and, let’s admit it, to a certain extent, they do! Their entire attitude changes and their personalities undergo a sea change and it’s all thanks to that bike!

So what are the essentials that you’re going to need for your cross country trip across the great Americas? A Harley Davidson’s Ride Atlas, which is a must-have guide and it is quite a durable piece of literature. It’s going to take you places and it is definitely the best guide for you to chalk out your root.

Pack light, you don’t need much more than the bare essentials. Try and be as resourceful as you can. Take items which can be used for various purposes. One example is an Army knife. You can use it to pry open lids, cut paper, open seals and even as a basic weapon, though, God forbid, you won’t need to put it to its last use. Also ensure that you have a big enough fund for gas!


But, going on a trip, almost always means that your bike will encounter a few snags and hitches. If you’re lucky, they’ll be minor ones, if not, things could get ugly. But here are a few basic tips which will help you save up a fortune on repair work:

• Before embarking on your journey, perform a thorough check. See if any tyres are flat and adjust all the workings to your liking. See if all the controls, including throttle, brakes and clutch are working properly.

• Learn to master the art of changing your oil filter. That will help you save time and of course, money.

• Take time out to check for any sort of fuel leaks. We all know how frustrating it can get if you realize you’ve been trailing oil all over the great countryside without a clue about it!

• Check the battery. This, as all bikers know, is very, very important. In fact, someone told me, that you may even extend the life of your battery to double, by maintaining the correct water levels!

• Look up all the Harley Davidson dealerships along your route. For complicated problems, they’re always there to help you out.

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