Garage Door Repair: When to Call a Professional

Due to excessive use, commercial garage gates can become dysfunctional and incur structural damage. Here are some common issues your commercial garage door could have: Old and worn out rollers: Rollers wear out over time because of excessive usage. This is an expensive and inconvenient problem to have. If the rollers of your commercial garage door have already developed a deep hole, all that may be required is some cleaning and lubrication. Or if the rollers have completely split in two, you can consider hiring a commercial garage door repair technician to replace them.

Garage Door Maintenance

Overtime, overhead doors develop problems with rotting, rust, and other structural damages. Garage door maintenance consists of a variety of tasks like cleaning, lubricating, checking for loose hinges and springs, and any other duties that are pertinent to making sure your overhead doors function properly and efficiently. For this reason, it is a good practice to have your overhead doors regularly inspected by a garage door repair specialist. These specialists will be able to detect even small mechanical issues with your door without actually seeing it. With access to a mobile garage door technician, you don’t have to worry about going to the repair shop and spending money on labor costs.

Hiring Professional Garage Door Technician

Hinges, rollers, and other moving parts could also develop issues over time, requiring you to hire a garage door repair technician as well. A small movement problem on a door could require replacement hinges or a complete overhauling of the moving parts. It is best to have your door checked whenever you notice even the smallest mechanical malfunction. Garage doors that experience high levels of wear and tear may require the services of maintenance service at least once per year. If your door needs to be maintained more frequently than this, perhaps it is time to consult a maintenance service.

In addition to regular garage door repairs, some commercial businesses may call us to inspect their property for safety reasons. As a result, they may need specialized technicians to help them assess their security situation. Some commercial properties may not have the resources to hire a full-time safety technician. In such cases, they can call on us to perform a series of routine tests to determine whether there is an issue with their safety system. These tests include manually opening and closing the door, along with performing a visual inspection.

Inspecting Overhead Doors

When it comes to inspecting overhead doors, we can carry out such tasks as visual and electronic inspection. The visual inspection consists of looking inside the area to ascertain if there are loose hardware components. Sometimes, it may be possible for the technicians to find the problem through this method. Meanwhile, when the door problems involve electronics, our technicians can test the system to identify any potential fault.

In most instances, commercial garage door repair can be performed without the need for expensive professional assistance. However, there are times when it makes sense for us to have technicians come out and inspect our commercial doors. Sometimes, these issues involve both the rollers and the pulleys. This means that we will need technicians who are trained to repair both rollers and pulleys.