Forex Auto Pilot (FAP) Turbo Analysis – Does it Actually Make Money?


This newly developed Forex Auto Pilot Turbo by three celebrated sharp guys, does it actually bring result? or is it a new idea of scamming and another dubious means of forcing money out of peoples pocket?

Actually automated forex trading could bring so many benefit to online forex trader. It removes the problem of emotions trading and enable the trader to be discipline in his fx actions. In addition to this, It also provide an opportunity to forex trader to make use of proven and tested strategy without having to go through rigorous trial and error strategy.This simply shows that whatever your level of experience is in forex trading. Whether you an amateur or professional, FAP turbo software can be downloaded, installed and start seeing result immediately.

The negative aspect of FAP Turbo and other Expert Advisors (EA’s).

Nearly all automated forex trading systems will show positive result when it is back tested but when they are traded on live account, they fail woefully and loose a lot of money. The reason being that there are many parameters and factors that determines the workability of live account.

Because of this fact, it is of utmost important to do thorough research and analysis before you jump into any automated forex trading system.

Before you register with a forex broker, ensure that that forex robot you want to use is supported by the broker’s platform.For instance, if you are planning to use FAP Turbo as your trading software. You need a broker that supports Metatrader4 platform.

Process of Installing FAP Turbo.

The first step in using this robot is by downloading and installing it. Thereafter users would be asked to do some settings and type the amount into the program. This will enable the software to determine the number of lots to use for every trading positions. The software is designed in such a way that users are allowed to do some adjustments like setting stop loss and take profit. As a new user, it is advised that all the settings should be left as default, as the robot has already been configured to do its magic, by maximizing returns and reduce risk.

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