Caravans for Sale: The Ultimate Buying Guide

With so many new touring caravans for sale Perth, picking which one is ideal for you and your family is difficult, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. 

Caravanning is all about enjoying the outdoors and the freedom that travelling provides as you rock up in beautiful locales and explore the greatest caravan sites around the nation. If you buy a van that isn’t right for you, your pleasure will be ruined, and it will be a pricey blunder if you have to sell and replace it too soon. Hence, here are a few tips to assist you in making the best decision when obtaining your caravan.

  1. Consider the Size of the Van.

First, examine who will be utilising the van to decide the size, layout, and amenities required. Are you travelling alone or with your family? Camper vans with roofs that physically wind up are popular entry-level alternatives, although they seldom include bathrooms or toilets. Larger units provide more layout options, larger kitchens, and more storage space. Beds that span the van’s width save room; however, they force one person to crawl over the other to get into and out of bed, while beds that run the length of the van provide easier access but take up precious real estate.

Make a list of your requirements and desires, and be prepared to pare them down from the top if your budget is exceeded. Consider a toilet and shower, air conditioning and heating, a larger stove, leatherette interiors, a slide-out barbeque, a coffee maker, or cameras. 

  1. Take Into Account the Towing and Weights.

One of the most perplexing aspects of purchasing a caravan is the many weights. All of them are related to towing and are intended to be safe. Generally, it would help if you guaranteed that your car is legally capable of towing your van. Begin by determining your vehicle’s maximum towing capability, typically 1200 kilogrammes for standard four-cylinder vehicles, 1700 to 2500 kilogrammes for 4WDs, and up to 3500 kilogrammes or more for heavyweight tow-tugs.

  1. Select Your Ideal Caravan Style.

Before seeing any caravan service at a shop or in person, familiarise yourself with the significant caravan layouts and market pricing for the brands and types that interest you. Because the big caravan manufacturers tend to mimic each other’s popular plans, you’ll get used to the most prevalent variants. However, you may encounter an unusual layout on the secondhand market suitable for your particular requirements.

Newbies often choose to move from one caravan park to another, taking advantage of onsite electricity, community amenities, and children’s playgrounds. An on-road van with essential stability and body protection and a kitchen, living and sleeping area is ideal.

Off-road-style vans, on the other hand, offer self-sufficiency with larger water tanks, solar panels, and a beefed-up battery management system for off-grid power, as well as more excellent protection for the front and undercarriage – typically in the shape of checker-plate aluminium cladding – and a heavy-duty suspension system for harsh pathways.

  1. Remember to Do the Dreaded Caravan Test.

When it comes to assessing used caravans for sale Perth, your sense of smell provides the most accurate indicator of the caravan’s condition. Check for evidence of wetness if it smells mouldy. The tell-tale indicators include unusual stains, discoloured spots, mildew, or mushy wall-board – notably within the roof storage sections.

Water infiltration generally signals a problem with the bodyshell; therefore, the afflicted section will need to be replaced, but the underlying flaw will also need to be addressed.

  1. Examine All of the Caravan’s Documents.

Check that all of the instructions for the gas, electricity, and water systems, as well as the original owner’s manual, are complete. Examine the service history to ensure it is up to date.

Moreover, some dealers offer adjacent campgrounds where you may spend a few nights. If anything goes wrong, you’re near a dealer who can repair it.

  1. Don’t be Hesitant to Purchase a Used Caravan.

We come upon the rare hidden treasure of secondhand caravans for sale Perth that has been preserved in a clean, dry barn for the previous decade and driven out just once a year. It may have gaudy old materials and a pretty archaic design, but it may be better than a modern caravan if adequately cared for and maintained.

  1. Don’t Purchase the First Caravan you Come Across.

If you’re unfamiliar with caravanning and thinking about purchasing your first caravan, the interiors, seating, and gadgets on the first caravan you see will amaze you. 

There are a plethora of options available, and elements such as the caravan design and overall weight of the caravan are much more essential than interior style details such as the mocha edge of the scatter pillows.

Even if it’s not your first time, selecting the perfect caravans for sale Perth might be difficult. Hence, consider those aforementioned helpful tips to ensure you acquire the best caravan for your purposes.