Car detailing or auto detailing is a very important practice in car care. We invest a lot of money in our car so we should take care of that investment. Let’s take a look at what car detailing involves so that we can take care of our cars the right way.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the proper cleaning and sometimes restoration of your car to produce a show level of cleanliness. This practice can be performed on the interior and or the exterior of your car depending on your needs. Car detailing will leave your car in more perfect condition than the day you bought it. It really focusses on the most minor of details that you will never think of.

This is not simply a good wash or a quick clean, this is the process of transforming your car into something that looks beyond new and that is worthy of being at a car show. That being said, it is also not just about the cleaning and about looking good, it actually has tremendous value in preserving your car for the long term. Things like the micro scratches on your paint can have accumulating negative effects on your car and taking care of them can help your car stay in good shape for longer.

Car detailing involves interior and exterior detailing. Exterior detailing will include all the bodywork like washing and polishing. It is good to remove dirk that accumulated inside of scratches and nicks, these stop UV rays from reflecting and can cause serious sun damage to your paint. With a good buff and polish, these scratches can also be removed or reduced. It gives your paint an extra layer of protection again so that the sun can be properly reflected. Interior detailing includes a thorough vacuum, washing of the mats and seats, cleaning and conditioning of the leather and cleaning of everything else like the hard plastics and dashboard.

Car detailing can also be done along with car paint restoration. Check out this car detailing blog from Final Touch

Why do people do car detailing?

Car detailing is the best way to preserve the investment that you made in your car, it prolongs its lifetime and it keeps it in great quality. For that reason, everyone should do it at least semi-regularly. A professional job can cost you anywhere between $50 and $100.

People do car detailing for a number of different reasons. Some of them do it for the above-mentioned caretaking reasons because the car is very expensive and taking care of it well makes it hold maximum value. Other people just love their car to be shinny and they chase that shine. While other people might actually be joining a car show where many people will inspect the quality of the car.

Show car detailing

This is where you can learn to truly appreciate the effort that goes into car detailing. At a car show, everything seems to be in the best possible condition like you have never seen cars before.

Car shows can be joined just for fun or to try and win prices, but either way, it is a beautiful spectacle, cars in their prime condition. One of this most admired and biggest car shows in the world is Waxstock in the UK.