Forex Killer is one of the biggest forex signal generators currently available today. But how does it stack up when used by an average, everyday forex trader? My objective Forex Killer review follows.

The first thing to know about Forex Killer is that it’s not an automated trading program, so if you’re looking for a system to enact intelligent and effective trades for you, look elsewhere. As such, this system isn’t ideal for traders who are fresh off the boat so to speak or in other words those traders who have never traded in the forex market in their lives. There are a few capable auto trading systems out there for these newbie traders which can quickly turn a small or substantial profit with no forex knowledge necessary, but again Forex Killer is not that product.

What Forex Killer is is a sophisticated signal generating system which keeps a constant analysis over real time market data and analyzes it around the clock looking for profitable opportunities. Once it has found what it believes to be an upcoming trend or reversal opportunity, it notifies you of this immediately so that you can trade accordingly.

Getting in at the bottom floor of a profitable trend is how many of the leading forex traders make and have made their fortunes these days and Forex Killer works to put you on the same level as them but without the years necessary to learn how to effectively predict the market.

What makes it work so well is the fact that it was tested and tweaked for months and years in advance against real market data to ensure that its picks were as winning as possible. I’ve tested a number of other so called “signal generators” over the years and nothing comes close to touching the accuracy and precision of this system. If you don’t like the idea of blindly investing based on an algorithm’s picks, all you need to do is take note of Forex Killer’s signals and watch the market act accordingly to see just how precise this program is.

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