Working remotely was a thing before 2020 too, and we still continue it in 2021 since the COVID-19 is not yet over. Because of the work-from- home thing, using meeting apps has become a more prominent concept.

To get going with work, you need a meeting software that is secure and simple to use if you’re collaborating with remote colleagues or coordinating with clients. You won’t have time to deal with service interruptions, shaky sound or visual, streaming lags, inconvenient downloads and extensions, or other irritating technological problems.

To save you from such problems, we have tried each top video conference and meeting app accessible to the public and created a list of our top picks.

1. Microsoft Teams App

When we work in teams within our organization, it is comparatively easy to collaborate, but when there are clients and other collaborators, it becomes harder to manage sometimes. However, if you install Microsoft Teams app, you can learn and use the feature that lets you invite external users to meetings between the sessions so you can have a more focused and detailed project execution. 

2. The Zoom App

Zoom is among the top apps that educational institutions have been using since the COVID-19. 

Zoom includes a cooperative whiteboard and features that allow group chats to share images, and audio files throughout the sessions. The potential to join discussions from a mobile device via wifi or cellular networks makes it an excellent choice for teammates that are constantly active.

3. GoToMeeting App

With HD-quality video, desktop sharing, customized meeting URLs, and the ability to connect to meetings via desktop or mobile, GoToMeeting is a “go-to” solution for video conferences for valid reasons. Teams can also work collaboratively by annotating and highlighting the presenter’s screen using the whiteboard feature.

GoToMeeting is a good method for global teams, with international toll-free numbers and the ability to translate control settings. It’s also simple to switch presenters for meetings with different servers.

4. Meeting App provides all the basic necessities of a team meeting app in a versatile, no-fuss package. With, participants can dial in via VoIP or phone in over 40 countries, it’s a convenient option for global teams. It records meetings, shares screens, share files, and switches presenters with ease. 

With, team members can custom URLs and screen backgrounds to personalize your meeting space. 

5. Onstream Meeting App

Screen sharing, file transfer, team or personal chats, polling, shared controls, and a collaborative whiteboard are all available at Onstream meeting app. It features up to 1,000 attendees sets Onstream apart, which is great for businesses broadcasting all-hands meetings with more than 250 people.

There are definitely hundreds of apps available in the market today, but you surely cannot use all of them because ‘aint nobody got time for that’. Pick one that best concerns your needs and for that you can use our tried and tested meeting apps and then point to the best fit.