5 Factors that increase the cash for your car before selling

You must be aware that selling a car is not easy, as you have to wait until buyer rightly quotes the price your car deserves. If you want to sell your car for a high price, then you need to know certain factors which will help you in the process. You need to do a bit of research in order to accomplish a great result. This article will cover five factors which will surely help in your journey of selling the car.

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Mileage for good cash for cars

If you will be ignoring the mileage, then it will be a mistake thus remember that it matters. You must know the mileage of your car and what does to the value of your car. If your car has a mileage which is greater than 100,000 miles, then it won’t really interest the buyers to a good extent. People always prefer those cars which have low mileage as the lower the distance the vehicle has traveled the lesser it malfunctions and more its parts remain protected. If you are wondering the average mile per year then an average person drives the car from 12000 to 15000 mileage.  If in the past you have had a long commute, then there is a high chance that there is a high mileage of your car. So, it is always advisable that for a big trip it is safer to rent a car instead of driving the car all by yourself.

Proper maintenance for a decent cash for cars

You need to also go for the regular maintenance of the car so that it remains more reliable. You need to get it timely checked at the workshops so that ultimately the resale value of your car thrives. You must also be very particular about saving the records of the maintenance as this will help you to sell the car to the potential buyers. These documents are plus point thus you should never ignore their importance. But remember that if your car has been repaired from long accidental damage then expect the resale of your car to be cut in half or much less cash for cars.


You need to evaluate the facility options which your car provides. For instance, your car should ideally offer automatic transmission along with the power windows, anti-lock, leather seats, and power locks. If your car has a proper navigation system with entertainment facility, then it is a plus point.   You need to realize that people hate to crank the windows by themselves, so it is suggested that you get automatic locks for better cash for cars.


Leather seats also give vehicle owners a sense of luxury. Leather seats also add a great luxury to your car, people do go after these expensive looks and comforts. Expensive radio may also help you to get decent cash for cars.

Good exterior for cash for cars

Moreover, if your car is of neutral colors like black, silver, and white then you can expect good cash for cars.