3 Causes of Sudden Car Strike on the Road

Has your car broken down in the middle of the road suddenly? Maybe you feel there is no problem with your car, even your car’s fuel tank is still filled. However, how could that be?
There are several things that are often experienced when a car breaks down suddenly, including; clogged fuel filter, distributor sensor failure, and alternator failure (dynamo ampere). You can call the Kenosha Towing service to bring your broken car to the garage. For more complete information about the cause of the car breaking down, see the information below.
1. Fuel filter clogged
A clogged fuel filter is one of the reasons the car breaks down suddenly. Basically, a used car needs fuel to make the car engine work. Over time, the fuel filter in a car can become clogged when the gas tank is contaminated, especially when adding gasoline. This blockage resulted in the stagnation of the flow of gasoline into the car tank. So, the gas that comes out is less. This is what makes your car engine not working properly so that the car breaks down suddenly.
To solve the problem, you need to replace the fuel filter and attach it to the car. Generally, the location of the fuel filter is close to the engine block of a car.
2. Distributor sensor malfunction
Apart from the fuel filter, there is another part that could potentially cause your car to stop suddenly, namely the sensor located inside the distributor. The sensor regulates the flow of electricity flowing to the car spark plugs. When the distributor sensor fails, it will cause an electrical disruption to the ability to run the car engine. No wonder this disturbance will cause your car to suddenly break down in the middle of the road.
Is it difficult to repair a damaged distributor sensor?
Information and experience from several users, the distributor sensor is easy to repair, it is located under the vehicle distributor cap. So, it is not difficult to install and remove. If you have to replace it, there’s no need to worry. Because distributor sensors can be found at automotive parts stores or you can also replace them with the help of a mechanic.
3. Alternator Damage (Dinamo Ampere)
Alternator, also known as dynamo ampere, is said to be a source of energy in the vehicle because its function is to supply electrical energy to the car battery. The energy supplied is used to meet the needs of electric power in the car, so that the car engine is alive and able to run.
Seeing its very important function, then if there is damage, it’s no wonder that it will be fatal until the engine dies out of place. However, you should be able to notice that the ampere dynamo in the car is experiencing signs of damage, such as:
Smells burnt rubber
There was a screeching sound in the engine
The spotlights began to dim because the electrical energy was running low. If this happens, immediately check your car dynamo.
The car indicator light with the battery symbol on the dashboard starts to light up.
The car battery starts to break down. If this happens, it is usually done by recharging the battery. In fact, not infrequently those who replace it with a new battery.
How to deal with damage to the car alternator? Is it difficult to restore the battery function?
To solve this problem, you need to replace a new alternator which can be found at the nearest automotive shop. The alternator has a voltage that is greater than the battery and is not easily repaired to get optimal engine work.

These three problems are the main cause of the sudden shutdown of the car engine. Have you experienced a similar incident or other causes when the car broke down suddenly?