Wanting to get the most out of your Subaru Outback? Check out these accessories

Anyone who has driven a Subaru Outback will know how capable the car is. But what if we told you it could be even more capable. 

Yes, with the help of some simple accessories, your Subaru Outback can level up making your life easier and your drive that bit more comfortable. 

So, without further ado, here’s what we’re talking about.

Cargo nets and dividers

Think about it. You’ve just finished your weekly shop, and you go to load your groceries into the boot, and yuck! Dirty shoes, socks, perhaps a few swimming towels. That’s no place to put your fresh produce. 

Cargo nets help divide your things up and keep your boot tidy. At a small cost, you can effectively sort out your cargo problems in one simple move that will change your life forever. 

Whether you’re going on a weekend vacation, or simply need that organisation in your life – a cargo net is a game-changer. 

Roof racks 

There’s every reason to have roof racks on your Subaru Outback. 

Let’s start by naming a few:

  • Easy transport of equipment (surfboards, furniture items, fishing rods)
  • Opens up a world of rooftop camping opportunities 
  • Strap extra gear onto your roof, saving you space in the boot 
  • Levels up your Outback’s rugged looks 

Most importantly, roof racks make your Outback versatile. And not just as a means of transportation either – think about setting up lighting in a remote campsite, setting up a shade tent on the side of your vehicle… the options are endless. 

Roof boxes 

Ever wished you could double the space of your boot? With a roof box, you can do exactly that. Whether it’s a weekly haul from the shops, going on holiday, or keeping some equipment safe – a roof box can drastically change the way you think about space in your Subaru Outback.

You’ll also notice there’s extra room in the car, creating more comfortable drives and, yes – no more smelly dogwood or fishing gear rubbing up next to your suitcase or food items. It’s a safe, simple, and long-term solution to all your packing issues. 

Bike carriers

Getting around on a bike isn’t just increasingly popular, it’s also the one thing you wish you’d brought along on holiday. Whether you’re cruising into town or heading off to the trails for a day of mountain biking – having the means to easily mount multiple bikes onto your Outback is a must-have. 

Get your hands on a genuine Thule/Subaru bike carrier, as they’ll be guaranteed to fit and do the best job. 

Mud guards 

We all love a clean car. But keeping it that way is difficult, especially during the wet season. Mud guards aren’t just a good way of keeping your car clean, they’ll also protect against rogue pebbles and rocks from spinning up and denting your precious bodywork. 

Mud guards won’t just give you an edge against the rocks – they’ll also give your Subaru Outback an impressive facelift.

Seat covers 

If you’re running a fully-fledged family operation + dog + friend + friend’s dog, things can get wild in the backseat. We’re talking drool, sand, scratching, food everywhere, and yes, maybe even some tears. Protecting your precious car seats against the chaos that encapsulates the Monday school run is achievable with seat covers. 

Not only do they protect your investment – you can have full peace of mind that no matter what gets spilled on your seat, your hard-earned money isn’t being thrown out the window via an unfortunate incident involving glue and nail polish. Seriously, you never know. 

Rubber floor mats


If you’re thinking of going anywhere beyond the metro area, the moment it starts to rain is the moment you realise you need rubber floor mats. 

No matter whether you’re out camping or on the worksite, having your floors protected from mud is the definition of peace of mind.

Tow bar 

Want to be that person? The person that has a tow bar? These days, there are few of these heroes left patrolling the streets – always there when you need them – to hitch a trailer to or go on a spontaneous campervanning holiday. 

Indeed, installing a tow bar doesn’t just help yourself, it helps everyone you know. Whether it’s a quick trip to the dump or helping a friend move house – the benefits of this minor addition can be huge. 

Safety kit 

It’s important to stay safe – especially if you’re heading out of town or on longer drives. Chances are you’ll find a first aid kit very useful, even if it’s just for some DIY task that requires scissors. If your Subaru Outback doesn’t already have one – make sure to buy one to keep in your glovebox at all times. 

Final thoughts 

Subaru Outback Accessories aren’t just for the adventurous holiday makers out there – they’re for anyone who wants to make their lives easier. From better organisation, to more legroom and peace of mind, you can essentially change the way you drive by getting your hands on these easy-to-install accessories. 

Your Subaru Outback thanks you in advance.