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Many of Finland’s roads are secluded and peaceful, giving people the opportunity to get behind the wheel while still relatively young. Finns can familiarize themselves with how vehicles act on a variety of landscapes before they reach maturity by using peaceful pastures and roadways near their homes. Many Finns, especially great racing competitors, get into the technical side of automobiles at a young age, so it’s not only about driving. Some people have their own cars while a good proportion hire a car from the reputed firms like Discover Car Hire and get into the racing track.

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Why are Finns good at rally?

Finns start so early and are often well-funded, the Finns often have hundreds of racing kilometers behind them even at an early age, thanks to their sisu-like tenacity. You can’t keep them out of their automobiles, obviously. Finland has a well-established managerial framework that engages early in the lives of young individuals with the hopes of reaping the benefits later. Rally organizers in Finland have a unique understanding of the concept of “speculate to accumulate,” which you won’t find anywhere outside.

Culture and Environment – Finns love challenging conditions

The environment that encircles Finland, as well as the way they both mold residents’ brains from an early age, play a big role in the creation and performance of Finnish top riders. Away from the larger cities, Finland is rich with unpaved roads that are typically only a short distance from locals’ residences. During the winter, even paved roads are frequently covered in snow. As a result, Finns begin to grasp what it’s like to drive in difficult conditions at an early age. It helps to explain why Finns have excelled in the world rally championship, where topography adaptation is crucial.

How Finland became a motorsport powerhouse through the concept of Sisu?

Some of the major factors that have contributed to Finland’s tremendous success over the years in the motorsport world are folk racing, forest roads, and harsh winters out of which the concept of Sisu holds more importance in it. 

The concept of “Sisu”

Sisu is a completely unique Finnish notion. Sisu is the ability to maintain courage, not just fleeting bravery. It’s a difficult word to adequately translate.

Sisu is responsible for a big part of this accomplishment. This power to continue and not just summon bravery, but also to sustain it over lengthy stretches of time, is perfectly adapted to the great speeds and risks seen in professional motorsport, which preclude most people from achieving. It also takes into account personal attention and calmness.

In addition to sisu, Finns claim that a variety of other factors contribute to their racing success. Folk racing, a low-cost style of motorsports that uses second-hand automobiles and draws both young and old racers, is another option. It’s an excellent place to start if you’re interested in auto racing.


Motorsport is a sport that many Finns may participate in, and there are regional training programs all throughout the country for individuals who wish to get further engaged. Even if a Finn does not intend to pursue a career in motorsport, there is a good probability that racing will become a hobby for them.