How To Handle Car And Other Driving Troubles In Norway

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Norway is one of the world’s most peaceful and organised countries. Here, some rules must be followed to the letter to keep the peace. And one of such areas where bending of the rules is not allowed is road use and driving. Are you new to Norway? Norskeanmeldelser can help you navigate the country by way of reviews from natives.

Driving in Norway is very easy and uncomplicated, as long as you maintain road decorum. You should always make sure that your car is in order before you drive it. If you need to get car parts in Norway, you can check with to get authentic parts. Many people cycle to their destinations or trek in Norway, so you must be very careful as a driver on the road. 

Things to note about Norway’s road

Norway is the longest country in Europe, and it can take you 30 hours to reach the Northern part of the country from the South. However, you do not experience traffic on Norwegian roads, and the roads are well labelled with signs to guide drivers on how to use them. You will also find picturesque landmarks as you travel through Norway by road. 

What to do when your car breakdown in Norway

You must have at least one high-visibility vest, third-party insurance, and a warning triangle with you in the car. In case of a car breakdown, make sure to wear the vest and put out the triangle on the road to warn other road users. You will also find emergency telephones in tunnels and mountain stretches around you as you travel. You can dial for the police or a roadside assistance company to get you. No matter where you find yourself in Norway, you can always get help.

Driving Rules in Norway

There are many driving rules in Norway that you must follow to the letter. It is a serious offence to break these rules. They include:

1.  Do not drink and drive

This rule is one you will find around the world, and Norway is no exception. The penalties incurred when you break this rule are very severe. Norway’s alcohol laws are stringent, penalising those who drive above an alcohol limit of 0.02%. This rule applies not only to people driving cars but to all who drive a motorised vehicle. Also, you should not take some medications before you drive. Norway insists that these medications be marked with a red triangle.

2.  Do not use your mobile phones while driving

You can carry around your mobile phones while driving, but you should not use them.  If you disregard this rule, there is a severe penalty that you have to face. If you have to use your phone during your drive, make sure to park well before using it.

3.  Keep your lights on at all times

Even when the day is brightest, Norway requires you to keep your dipped headlights on at all times. This rule is for all motorised vehicles. If you are using a right-hand drive car, you should use black triangles on the headlights to not confuse other road users.

4.  Respect Cyclists and Pedestrians

If some one desires to cross the streets while you are driving, you must slow down or come to a stop to accommodate such a person. Cyclists also have the same privilege. Therefore, you have to be very careful.

5.  Always obey the speed limit

Though the general speed limit is 80 km/ hr, some places require you to speed less. Always ensure that you follow the speed limit on Norwegian roads.

Make sure to use your seat belts at all times too. Norway is a beautiful country, but it is rigorous whenever it comes to the safety of its citizens and its rules. Therefore, you should always abide by them.