How to choose a car for a Canadian road trip

The 15 Best Cars For Road Trips Across Canada

Canada is the ideal country for a road trip in the wilderness. From picturesque mountains to seaside towns, Canada is rich in beauty and nature.

If you own a car in Canada, you probably already have car insurance. But if you don’t, you’ll need to take out car insurance before you plan a road trip in the country. Car insurance covers you for any damages that you may incur with an accident or if your car breaks down. You can read reviews on insurance companies on If you’re looking for the best car insurance companies in Canada, click on the links to see the benefits of reviews and customer feedback in your decision-making processes when choosing insurance companies.

You’ll need a good, reliable car for your road trip. But how do you know if your car is the right one for the trip?

What to look for in a car when planning your road trip in Canada


Comfort is key when driving long distances. The driver’s seats should be comfortable, padded, and have adjustable positioning to allow for maximum comfort. Passenger seats should have neck support, armrests, and padding, as well as sufficient legroom to stretch as often as possible. Air-conditioning and cruise control are added extras in a car and can help make the trip more tolerable.

Cargo Space

The space you need in your vehicle depends on where you are going and how many people will travel in the car. For a quick weekend getaway with your partner, a hatchback or sedan is the ideal car. If you’re traveling with your family for a longer time, an SUV or minivan might be better. To make sure that your luggage fits in comfortably, do a packing trial run at least a week or two before your trip. 

Fuel Economy

Fuel costs are one of the biggest considerations when going on a road trip. Fuel is expensive and can quickly eat away at your road trip budget. Choose a car that has great fuel economy to keep costs down. The bigger the car, the higher the fuel economy will be. Choose a smaller car where possible to save money on fuel. A Hybrid car is great as it uses no fuel and has zero gas emissions. 

Performance and Versatility

While we can all imagine ourselves in a zippy red sports car cruising the wide-open roads, this is neither cost-effective nor practical. Consider the terrain and the roads you will drive on. Mountain roads will need an SUV or larger utility vehicle, vehicle regular or seaside roads are great for any car. If you are driving in winter, you may need to switch to snow tires.


To get the most out of your vehicle on a road trip, have it serviced regularly. Before you embark on your trip, pop in at your local body shop or mechanic to check your tires, lights, battery, fluids, and brakes. If any of these are not in good working order, you could be in for a nasty surprise when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Consider car insurance that comes with a maintenance plan, as this can save you on costs when servicing your vehicle.