How Construction Tech Is Improving Worker Safety

Though we may have heard about wearable technologies even a few decades back, it was mostly restricted to the big and small screen. It was more of a fiction and imagination rather than being a real thing.


However, what is dreamed and conceived by a few steadfast persons often becomes a reality. The same is the case with the latest trends in wearable technology.

It is no longer an imagination but is well and indeed becoming a reality. However, there is a dominant enabling factor, and that is IoT or Internet Of Things. Let us try and find out how IoT was bringing in changes to the construction industry.

The changes could impact large segments of the construction industry or could even make changes to small things like a traffic cone. What we are listing down five ways in which IoT is bringing about changes as far as wearable technologies for the construction industry is concerned.

It Could Help Improve Safety 

Safety is of paramount importance in the construction industry. When there is a perfect marriage of IoT and wearable technologies, it could go a long way in positively impacting the overall safety parameters and attributes in this industry.

Simple things like monitoring the temperature of cooling jackets on a real-time basis for workers are avenues where IoT could play a decisive role.

Improving Overall Productivity

IoT combined with wearable technologies could bring about significant improvement in overall productivity in the construction industry. It could be an excellent way to monitor idle time, and also keep a tap on fuel consumption and also find out the actual machine hours on a real-time basis.

GPS tracking is another area where IoT is becoming indispensable. It also could be useful in fluid temperature, engine load and bit pressure amongst other things.

Bring Down Operating Cost 

Wearable technology in the construction industry along with IoT could go a long way in optimizing the availability of machinery and other resources as best as one could think of. Wasteful spending of fuel is a big problem in many construction industries.

This can be adequately addressed and monitored with the help of the right IoT based wearable technologies. It could also find out ways and means to cut down on operating cost without impacting the overall productivity of the industry in general and the specific construction in question.

Workers And Other Stakeholders Will Be Free From Danger

There are some inherent risks associated with the construction industry, and the workers have to bear the brunt of such threats. However, when the right wearable technologies are used and if the same is connected to IoT, then accidents and mishaps can be identified well in advance.

It would be possible to take the required preventive action is made on time. It is possible to integrate the wearable technologies with the ERO and RFID solutions of companies which are into the construction industry.

Cut Down On Insurance Payouts

Many insurance companies have to shell out millions or even billions of dollars because of accidents and mishaps happening in the workplace. This can be reduced quite significantly when the construction industry and the workers involved in it are made to use wearable technologies connected to IoT


In fine, there is no denying the fact that there are many ways and means by which IoT could impact the wearable technology in the construction industry very positively.