Home Décor and Pictures Basics: Where should you place your painting in your home?

Hanging Wall Art Complete Guide | How to DecorateOne of the items that could make your house beautiful is paintings. There are many different types of paintings you could get for your home. They could be professional paintings about abstract things or nature that were drawn by artists and placed on sale. It could also be a personal picture of yourself that you have contacted an artist to draw for you. It could also be your family photographs that you are thinking of placing within your home. This article will discuss the pros and cons of placing pictures in different parts of your house.

Living room
The living room is a great part of the house to place pictures. The living room is the part of your house that guests come into and you want it to be as beautiful as possible. Once all the other factors, majorly furniture and electronics have been properly bought and placed, the next thing that can contribute to the beauty of your living room is paintings. You could have different sizes of paintings that you could keep in the living room. The bigger paintings or photographs could be placed on the floor while the smaller sized paintings could be hanged on the wall. Of course, it is expected that the pictures and painting should be framed. The only major risk of having paintings or pictures in your living room is that some of your guests could be interested in some of the paintings and request them. If you do not know how to say no to people, you might find yourself buying paintings regularly and gifting it to friends and visitors. There is also the risk of theft as some visitors might not be civil enough to ask for permission and might just sneak it out during a visit.

Many people love to put family pictures and paintings in their bedroom as well. In most cases, they would already have some in their living room. Art lovers love to be surrounded by pictures as much as possible. Furthermore, some art lovers feel more relaxed and happier in their bedroom when their favourite pictures and paintings are in those rooms.

The hallway
The hallway is another place that you could line with pictures and paintings. Paintings of family members including grandparents and extended family often look great in this part of the house. Lining your hallway with pictures of your extended family will always bring you memories and joy whenever you pass your hallway. It would also help you to keep those in the paintings in mind always as you would always remember them and keep in touch. This could contribute to a great family bonding.

The patio
Being a relaxation spot as well, you might want to put some paintings and pictures in your painting. You would be able to sometimes look and reflect on some of the pictures and paintings when you are relaxing in your patio. The pictures here do not have to be about family but nature and abstract things. The patio is mostly exposed to natural light. The light could enhance your view and appreciation of the artwork considering how light has a direct impact of how we see a painting.

Guest rooms
Placing paintings of artworks in your guest room is also a nice idea. If you have a guest who appreciates art, they would be glad to have a room where there are paintings.  In this case, it doesn’t have to be family pictures as they might not be able to recognize those in the pictures. General paintings about nature and other abstract work will be preferred.

Paintings are also great in libraries and dining room. Paintings in your dining room could be food or agriculture related pictures. They should be beautiful and be able to contribute to wetting the appetite. For most other parts of your house such as your bathroom and kitchen, placing an art work might not be a great idea. Water from the bathroom or heat from the kitchen could easily destroy them. You also don’t want to hang paintings outdoor as you can be sure if they are not destroyed by rain or other weather elements, they would be stolen by a passer-by.