Customized Double Cab Bakkies

I’ve got the favourable luck of being married to a car fanatic who often likes to go head-to-head with other operators with double cab bakkies on an uniquely designed open-air adventure trail. I prefer to remain back home while he guides his bakkie through its paces on the track as the track is rutted and uneven and I don’t like the mud or debris that is churned up, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Although the car has excellent suspension and the cab is air-conditioned, I never join my husband when he tackles one of those adventure paths because he insists upon having the windows open to take full advantage of the trailblazing encounter. However, I love to go with him when he goes to get the car customized which happens to be a thing he does a lot.

There are numerous alterations that can be made to double cab bakkies to enable them to perform more effectively under offroad environments but I’m only keen on modifications that benefit myself and my kids while our family is out and about on the city’s roadways. This isn’t to say that I don’t know something about offroad modifications because my partner loves to tell me, at length, about each and every action he has done to the car and then he drags me out to the garage to show me. Prior to now he has acquired a bullbar, a towbar, a roof rack and a set of spotlights attached to the exterior of the vehicle. The towbar and roof rack I’m in favor of as the kids adore going camping so we often hitch the camp trailer to the bakkie and spontaneously go off into the countryside on weekends. The bulbar, however, is another matter. Why he could not have been content with a simple nudge bar is beyond me because he has never shown any indication of wanting to run a farm where he might actually come across some bulls. According to him he mounted the bullbars so that other drivers will give him a wide berth, I simply think it is a guy issue.

The thing that I like about double cab bakkies is the sense of safety I experience when I am inside one. They’re extremely sturdy and hug the street due to their four wheel drive ability. Hubby drives his company vehicle during the week so I get to use the bakkie to tote the children around. I will be part of a lift club with other mothers from the district and we take turns to get the kids from school and drive them to sports training or maybe ballet, for example. I always feel secure in my husband’s double cab mainly because I’m positioned above the traffic and can see far in front, in addition to being able to hold my own on the road next to the minibus taxis.

Nevertheless, in spite of the safety feature of double cab bakkies, that, I might add, is very important if you ask me, this car is steadily growing on me. I battled to get into and out of it in the beginning since it is elevated off the floor and I am not particularly tall in height. Luckily, there was a modification available to take care of this kind of dilemma. My better half took it in right away in order to get the running strips altered and I am now able to ascend and descend from the bakkie easily due to the clever steps set in to the running board.

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