Cure Auto Insurance Super Bowl Commercial Is Being Ripped Online

There isn’t a consensus best commercial from Super Bowl LV, but “Whip It Out” might be the worst. You may have missed the cringe when it aired before halftime as you were getting ready for “ladies and gentlemen… the Weeknd,” but the 30-second ad for CURE Auto Insurance is being criticized for making light of workplace sexual harassment.

Two co-workers, one male and one female, march into their boss’ office, where the female employee says, “Tommy just brought me into his office and whipped out his opinion.” Tommy claims he “didn’t just whip it out. She was into it. Plus, I have a pretty big opinion,” to which his co-worker responds, “Oh please, it’s not that big.” The boss interjects, “Tommy, not everyone in this office wants your opinion,” but Tommy mentions last week’s happy hour “when you begged me for my opinion?” You get the idea. What does this have to do with car insurance? “We can’t protect your opinion, but we can protect your car,” a voiceover informs the approximately 100 million people watching at home, most of whom aren’t going to remember to switch to a new car insurance. But they will remember the uncomfortable jokes about sexual harassment in the workplace.

This is what we get for thinking the fancy nut dying was as “yikes!” as Super Bowl commercials could go.