Causes And Tips To Overcome Window Tint Movement Bubbly

Car glass is one of the protective components and also serves as a vision of the inside and outside of the car. Car glass is often the center of attention of a car which we must guard and care for. The main function of the car’s own windshield is to see the outside environment around the car. In addition, the glass car also makes the atmosphere in the car becomes brighter.
To protect the car glass from scratches sharp objects we usually use window tint. In addition, by using window tint also causes the intensity of light entering the car can be reduced in accordance with the wishes of the car owner.
But unfortunately, many car owners who complain because the glass film mounted on the car glass there are bubbles that can interfere with the view and make our vision uncomfortable. In addition, the use of window film on the glass of the car but there are bubbles also cause the appearance of the car becomes more opaque and not shiny.
The best solution is to fix the bubbler film windscreen to an authorized dealer or trusted workshop like Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where you are installing from a glass on your windshield.

Actually, what are the causes of car windshield film bubble? Here are some reasons why the window film in the car bubble arises.

The weather factor also influenced the windshield film to arise bubble film. The intense heat of direct sunlight and over a long period of time has an adverse effect on film glass. Especially if we use a window film with poor quality, of course, the film will easily arise small bubble spots and can continue to grow.

Quality Glue Film Glass
The next factor that causes film bubbles to balloon is the poor quality of the glue or the adhesive of the window film of the car so that when the car’s glass is exposed to direct sunlight it causes bubbles and small spots.

Effect of Season
Rainy season can also cause the occurrence of air bubbles there is window film. This is because of the condensation process in the windshield during the rainy season. So there were air bubbles in the car window film.

Easy Way to Eliminate Car Film Glass Bubble
Usually, car window film takes up to 7 days to be cleaned. In order for the glass film adhesive liquid to dry completely. In addition, we are also not recommended to open the car glass for 3 days after the installation of window film. This is done to avoid damage to the filmed glass that has not been completely dry.
If we want the results of installation of window film on the car for better, it is better for the window films dried in the sun to dry for maximum installation results.
Usually within 3 days appear bubbles or spots on our car glass. For this condition, we are not recommended to fix itself because if it fails to aggravate the condition of the filmed glass.

Usually will be given a warranty, so we do not need to spend more. But for those of you who have a bulging film glass and have in a long time the best advice is to replace it with a new one, because it can not be repaired again if still cannot be repaired will get maximum results. You can replace your window tint using professional services from Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida that are experienced and trusted by car owners.