Carpooling – great idea or no-go?

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We spend a large part of our day in the car commuting to work and shuttling kids to sporting activities. Carpooling is a brilliant solution to save money.


Carpooling is sharing a car journey with other people to commute to and from work, take kids to and from sporting and cultural activities, and travel to events. It is a more reliable option than public transport and can cost you far less on gas costs for your own vehicle. There are a variety of quick car services people make use of to cut travel expenses, such as car rentals, rideshares, and e-hailing services. Click on the links to be redirected to a review site that provides real reviews from customers you have made use of these services in the past and can recommend the best companies for your car service needs. 

What are the benefits of carpooling?

According to a U.S Census, the average commute time for Americans is 26.1 minutes. Carpooling is great for sharing driving responsibilities and saving in fuel costs. Carpool drivers enjoy special lanes on a highway, which can help ease congestion. We have all experienced a little road rage before, and carpooling solves the stress that comes with driving.

What are other benefits that we can enjoy using carpooling services? 

#1: An increase in well-being: 

Driving a car can cause neck and back pain from sitting in the same position for an extended period. Carpooling can reduce the number of driving to once or twice a week, depending on how many people carpool with you. Another great heat benefit of carpooling is the positive effect on your mental health. Sitting in a car alone for long periods can lead to depression. Carpooling gives you someone to talk to and create a friendship with.

#2: Save time

Carpooling has great timesaving benefits for parents who spend up to 5 hours or more a week driving their children to school and extracurricular activities. Carpool with parents who have children in the same school or sports team and cut down on your stress and driving time. 


#3: Cut down on the number of vehicles you own

With carpooling, there is no need to have two vehicles. This means you cut down on the gas, insurance, and maintenance costs on a second vehicle. Plan your week to determine who needs the car when, and take advantage of carpooling on the days you do not have the car.

#4: Use your commute time wisely

Carpooling gives you the freedom to read, nap, catch up on work, or even knit. Carpooling with colleagues gives you the chance to work on a project or brainstorm ideas with each other. 


Make use of an online commute calculator to assess how much your commute costs you. See how much you can save by making use of carpooling. There are a multitude of apps you can use to join carpools in your city. Read online reviews to determine which app is the best for your commuting needs.