Car Service History: Why is it Important?

How important is a full service history? - Admiral

Cars are wonderful assets. Being able to get around easily is probably one of the reasons you own one. But it can be frustrating to have your car jerk to a halt while rushing somewhere. You are left with no idea what might be the problem, and perhaps you might regret buying a used car in the first place. But then, used cars are not all bad. Buying one without a service history is the problem. 

A car service’s history is more like its biography. It contains details about the past owner(s), previous repairs, and auto shops where the car got rich routine service. If any car parts have been changed, the information is contained in the car service history. This is one strategy used by car rental companies to make their cars stand out. Find options on cheap car rentals, and while at it, understand why a car service history is important before buying or renting one. And if you own a used car lot, car service history can be of advantage to your business.

  • It Improves Car Value 

Most people are willing to pay more for a car with a known background than for one with obscure details. So as a dealer, this means that buyers will have more trust in buying from you.

  • Evidence of Routine Servicing 

Manufacturers set servicing schedules for cars. The only way for you to find out, as a buyer, or tell people, as a seller, that this routine servicing was carried out, is through the car service history. 

  • Saves Car Maintenance Cost

If you buy a car that has had an FSH with the necessary parts replaced as recommended, you’ll be saved from the stress of having to do more repairs in the future. Overlooking this factor increases your car expenses by a wide margin. 

  • The Risk of Accidents is Greatly Reduced 

Driving a car without knowing its service history is a risk. A worn-out belt or weakened brake pads could give up at any time, possibly causing severe engine damage or an accident, resulting in injury and a higher cost of repairs, a situation that could be reversed if the service history was known.

  • Provides You With Information About Locations of Past Repairs

This means that you have easier access to the professional mechanics who have kept the car in whatever shape it is. The benefit here is that familiar hands will handle the car. You even get to know when last the car was serviced and when next it should be serviced. That way, you won’t have the car springing surprises on you. 

Part of the information provided in a car service history includes the car mileage. Knowing this helps you determine the degree of wear and tear the car is liable to and figure out whether to put more miles on the car. 


The importance of a car service history isn’t to be overlooked. You deserve to know all there is about the baby you intend to buy. Such information can help you decide if you want to go ahead with the purchase or not. You might want to note that if you want to buy a car regardless of the car service history being missing, you can press the dealer for a discount. It is, however, recommended that you do a comprehensive inspection on such cars before putting them on the road.