Aston Martin Vantage gets Revenant Automotive’s smaller grille

BMW’s second-generation 4 Series has become the poster child of the shift towards oversized grilles, but Aston Martin jumped on this bandwagon before many when it revealed the current-generation Vantage in late 2017. Its wide, low grille continues to split opinions in 2020, and a British engineering firm thinks it has a better solution.

Revenant Automotive redesigned the Vantage with a smaller, subtler grille. It’s mounted higher on the front fascia than the original car’s, it has black horizontal slats, and it’s shaped like a grille Aston’s designers could have drawn in-house. It doesn’t look aftermarket, which is highly unusual in this corner of the industry. The twin-turbocharged, 4.0-liter V8 engine still needs air to stay cool, so stylists chiseled an air dam into the bottom part of the bumper and concealed it with black trim. The end result is a cleaner, more low-key look.

Aston Martin integrated the Vantage’s grille into its bumper, so installing Revenant’s new-look part is relatively straight-forward. The transformation requires removing the original bumper, probably selling it on eBay for a hefty sum, and bolting on the new one. There is no cutting, sanding, welding, taping, gluing, or riveting required.

Revenant’s redesigned Vantage bumper is on sale now in the United Kingdom, and it can be shipped to the United States, though the company told Autoblog pricing depends on how it’s configured. It’s hand-made, and it’s available in exposed carbon fiber at an extra cost. Looking ahead, the firm plans to expand its range of aftermarket Aston Martin parts by branching out into paint work and trim pieces, among other areas. It told us it’s even planning on redesigning the car’s rear end, though it’s too early to tell what it will look like yet.

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