Anticipate Fungus on Car Windshield this Way

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Anyone would want a comfortable driving sensation with a clean vehicle. In addition to the car’s interior, which is clean from garbage and does not smell, the exterior is free of dirt, so it is no less important.

Especially for those of you who drive a car, clean glass is no longer just about comfort, but also safety. Visualization is disrupted, especially at night due to splotches on the glass, potentially disrupting driving focus. If at any time your windshield is damaged, you can use the services of the windshield replacement Scottsdale.

One of the most disturbing things is the mushroom business. Being a media that is often exposed to sunlight and facing extreme weather changes becomes one of the factors that emerge fungi.

How to Prevent and Clean Car Windshield Fungus

The methods used to prevent and clean the windshield mold is actually not difficult. You also don’t have to rely on a car salon. Some of these simple activities can have a maximum effect on the cleanliness of your windshield from the mold.

Park the car in a dry and shady place

The risk of the emergence of windshield mold when parking a car in an open space especially in the long term is quite large. Because the change in extreme weather is a situation that is very popular with mushrooms. Dew or remnants of rainwater that is not immediately cleaned will be exposed to the blazing sun causing water crust as the forerunner to the emergence of fungus.

Clean the windshield regularly and correctly

There are still many who think that wiping the windshield just to make it look sleeker. In fact, this is very helpful in minimizing the appearance of mold. Even so, make sure you do not clean under direct sunlight with unidirectional (not rotating) movements to the corners of the glass. Do not forget, clean all the glass inside the car.

Immediately clean the dirt with the right method

Do not wait too long if there is dirt on the ground. Remember, not all types of dirt can be cleaned immediately with water or with a cloth. For very much dust dirt, for example, it helps you water it first with water until it decays before wiping it. In addition, clean the wiper that is often overlooked and has the potential to cause scratches on the glass due to dust and dirt that has accumulated there.

Use clean water and an appropriate cleanser

The content in the water is also a very influential part. For example, if the type of water used is groundwater that has a high lime content, the resulting fungus spots will be even greater. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the water used and the types of cleaning agents.

Material for cleaning car glass molds

In addition to the special car glass mildew cleaner sold on the market, you can also use natural ingredients that are around. Do not believe it? Some of the following materials you can try to apply to clean your favorite car glass and prove the results.

Bleach clothes

  1. Dip a soft cloth in the clothes bleach.
  2. Rub in the direction of the moldy glass until it disappears.
  3. Rinse with clean water and dry.

Apple vinegar

  1. Make a solution of apple vinegar with a ratio of 3 tablespoons of apple vinegar: 1 liter of clean water.
  2. Dip a soft cloth into the solution.
  3. Clean by rubbing in the same direction until clean.
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry.