All You Need to Know About Buying Tesla in the UK

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The UK electric cars market has significantly increased over the last few years.

Not only is it so because of advancements in technology but because UK’s strategic development to ban fossil-fuel financing.

Tesla on the other hand has become a big name in the electronic vehicles market. This article discusses everything you need to know about buying Tareesla in the UK.

  1.  Finances

It is quite obvious that Teslas are one of the most expensive vehicles in the UK. 

This is not only because of the electric charge ability but also the luxury comfort and acceleration the car has.

Tesla’s are getting expensive by the day. Even used cars are not as affordable as one may think.

Tesla’s range from £40000 to over £120000 not inclusive of taxes. The question is where do you get the finances to buy a Tesla.

To get the money you may consider taking out a personal credit and paying for your car over time. 

You can read some reviews about online personal credit services to find the best reliable option for you.

Use this article as a guide to determine whether buying a Tesla vehicle is good for you.

  1. Where to buy 

Then about four options on where to buy a Tesla vehicle. To list them;

  • Order a new custom-design your Tesla from the manufacturer
  • Buy a new Tesla from a car dealership
  • Buy a used vehicle directly from someone
  • Buy a used vehicle from a Tesla car dealership

Whichever option you exercise will be limited by how much extra you are willing to pay.

There are a lot of factors that play into the final cost of the Tesla;

  • The model
  • The seller 
  • Used or new

If you’re buying your Tesla from the manufacturer you will find detailed information on ordering and delivery. 

You can even exercise your option of tracking your car from the manufacturer to the UK.

Ordering your car online and having it delivered to the UK is a smoother and easier option.

Buying a used Tesla from a different country and shipping it to the UK is an option but not recommendable because of the immense paperwork and compliance regulations needs.  

  1. Taxes 

The UK is huge on sustainability campaigns and Tesla vehicles delivered just that. 

Benefit-in-kind – Tesla vehicles get a 1% benefit-in-kind tax compared to diesel and petrol which stands at 37 to 40%. 

Vehicle excise duty tax- 0% of the vehicle excise duties is normally charged based on carbon emission levels of your vehicle and because Tesla cars are electric you get no taxation. 

With Tesla, you get huge save in terms of taxes because a lot of it has been cut down to encourage more important electric vehicles.

  1. Insurance 

Insuring your Tesla vehicle would depend on the model of your Tesla.

The cost of insuring Tesla vehicles are higher than normal cars because they are treated as luxury brands and the cost and repairs of Tesla vehicles are higher than normal diesel and petroleum engine vehicles.  

On average Tesla, the car insurance premium is £1,264.48 which is over £110 a month to over £3,344.32. It’s a good question to ask whether you’re ready to pay over £100 a month for car insurance. 

  1. Cost of ownership 

Charging- The number one cost of ownership I presume every Tesla enthusiast wants to know about his charging. It costs about £16 to fully charge a Tesla car. 

The standard cost of ownership will fluctuate and over time your vehicle will eventually depreciate when you’re and more advanced electric vehicles are released. 

Are the cost of ownership to consider include repairs and maintenance discussed below and insurance already discussed above (4).

6. Repairs and maintenance 

There is a huge presumption that Tesla cost of maintenance and repairs is very low compared to combustion vehicles. This is partly true and partly false.

True to the extent that it will cost less money to maintain a Tesla vehicle because of fewer vehicle parts and the quality of the car. 

It is false to the extent that repairing a Tesla vehicle is cheaper. If you experience is Tesla vehicle breakdown the cost will be quite high because of the advanced skills needed in repairing electric vehicles. Acquiring spare parts is also not easy.   


Is Tesla worth buying in the UK? Absolutely. By 2035 the UK intends to ban all fuel internal combustion engines opening the market to hybrid and pure electric vehicles. 

Nonetheless, there are other EV options for anyone disadvantaged by Tesla prices.